The Financial Aid Academy

For the (22/23) year.

For parents of rising high school seniors.

The Financial Aid Academy Begins September 1st 2022 and Runs Through May 31st 2023.

Take the STRESS out of the financial aid process, better understand it all, stay on track for all-things financial aid for the 22/23 Year and most importantly MAXIMIZE YOUR FINANCIAL AID OFFERS!

The Financial Aid Academy is the perfect way to work closely with a financial aid expert throughout the entire financial aid process at a super affordable rate!

Topics Covered in The Financial Aid Academy Include:

Finding colleges that are affordable for your family

Understanding how colleges determine a financial aid package

Breaking down the EFC, what it means for you

How to determine what colleges offer better aid packages

What you can do to ensure maximizing your aid offers

Preparing for the FAFSA and CSS Profile, what you need to know

FAFSA and CSS Profile completion tutorials

Financial Aid 101, understanding the process and the different types of aid available

How to Effectively Appeal your financial aid offers

Reporting special circumstances such as reduced income etc

How to write an Effective financial aid appeal letter and ask for more aid

What to do if you're selected for verification?

Private loans and best options when it comes to borrowing money

How to close the financial aid gap

How to effectively search for and find those elusive scholarships

What you can do to ensure maximizing your financial aid

Comparing financial aid offers

Accepting your aid award and what comes next

Completing your Master Promissory Note and Entrance counseling

And More!

Program Features Include:

Access to a digital course/content library with new content added monthly relevant to the time of year

Informative LIVE monthly webinars with The FAFSA Guru going over what you should be focused on that month

Direct access to The FAFSA Guru for financial aid questions throughout the entire year via email and a private FB Group (PLUS & PRO Levels)

Monthly roadmaps to help you stay on track and guide you month by month through the financial aid process

Video content specific to each month's topics

Organized FAQ’s and monthly worksheets to keep you on track

Access to a private members only Facebook Group with other families going through the same process (PLUS & PRO Levels)

Scholarship resources and links provided for you

One on one consultations with The FAFSA Guru (PRO Level)

3 different levels of membership to choose from outlined below.


Choose the best fit for your family!

The Financial Aid Academy Basic Includes:

Membership in the The Financial Aid Academy (A digital course with new content added monthly throughout the year). This content includes videos, PDFS, webinars, scholarship resources and a monthly roadmap and checklist to keep you on track

Informative LIVE monthly webinars with The FAFSA Guru with Q&A Sessions going over everything you should be focused on that particular month


Enroll in The Financial Aid Academy Basic

The Financial Aid Academy PLUS Includes:

Everything in the Basic Level

Membership in a private Facebook group facilitated by The FAFSA Guru, to collaborate with other families in and ask questions and where you will get exclusive access to numerous resources

Unlimited direct access to The FAFSA Guru via email and FB group for all your financial aid questions throughout the entire year


Payment plan available for additional cost

Enroll in the Financial Aid Academy PLUS

The Financial Aid Academy PRO Includes:

Everything in the PLUS Level

Two 50 minute one on one zoom consultations with The FAFSA Guru for anything financial aid related ($300 value)


Payment plan available for additional cost

Enroll in The Financial Aid Academy PRO

See What Others Have To Say...

Tina and Kennedy Lewis, California

Members of the 20/21 Financial Aid Academy

"Tina is a top notch coach! She has helped my daughter and I this entire year through the overwhelming financial aid process and helped my daughter access thousands of dollars in scholarships that she would not have received without Tina's help! She helped us complete the FAFSA, CSS Profile and Appeal our financial aid offers through one on one consultations that were invaluable. Kennedy was able to attend her first choice school after they awarded her more scholarship money as a result of the appeal. I do not know what we would have done without all Tina's knowledge. I highly recommend her for all of your and your students college financial aid guidance needs!"

— Tina Lewis, CA.

Maeve Brown, California

Member of the 20/21 Financial Aid Academy

"I don't know what we would have done without Tina's help! We asked her so many questions and always received prompt answers. She taught us things we had no clue about, like how to find colleges that offer better financial aid offers and how to appeal financial aid. Our daughter received an extra $5000 a year for all four years as the result of the appeal letter we wrote with Tina's help and that was on top of her other financial aid! She regularly provided scholarship resources to save us the time searching for them and our daughter even won a couple of them! She helped us stay on track all year and ensured we did not miss any important deadlines.

We can not recommend her Financial Aid Academy enough. 9 months of ongoing help and invaluable information from an expert that was more than affordable!

If you are the parent of a high school senior sign up for The Financial Aid Academy, you won't regret it!

Carla Jackson-Tucker, Florida

Member of the 20/21 Financial Aid Academy

Sending a quick thank you for all your expert advice on financial aid appeals and so much more! I’ve been taking your online class (Financial Aid Academy) since September 2020 and I’m so glad I did. My friend referred me to you and it paid off!

I wrote two appeal letters for my son (only to the schools that were the most expensive). The first one was unable to offer any more than what they had initially offered. But the second one, (which is the school he accepted admittance to and wanted to attend), just got back to us yesterday and offered $8,000 more!! We are thrilled!

We feel like this is only the beginning, because we haven’t even heard back on any scholarships that he applied for yet.

I could NOT have done this on my own. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Meet The FAFSA Guru, Tina Steele

After working in higher education (with expertise in financial aid) for over 30 years, I’ve seen the gap between the financial aid guidance students and their families need and what’s available to them.

College personnel are overwhelmed and can't provide in depth one on one assistance due to their caseload, 800 numbers are frustrating, and private educational consultants charge thousands of dollars for their services, leaving most families unable to access help.

Not only this but students are missing out on thousands of dollars in financial aid because they and their parents don't understand the process and options available to them.

As a mother (and stepmother) of six children, I’ve seen every side of the process.

I launched The FAFSA Guru to provide guidance, support, resources, and a helping hand at an affordable rate for every family preparing for college. I have helped thousands of families navigate the college financial aid process, making sure they get all the money they can. It is my passion, and I’m so grateful to spend my days doing what I do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if only need this course for a few months?

This course is designed to coach student's and parents throughout the entire financial aid process. There is a new topic each month and important tasks to complete. financial aid is an ongoing process and one you should be on top of each and every month if you want to maximize those financial aid offers. You are welcome to only use the program for a few months but there are no discounts offered for that. Once you pay for the course you will have access to it for the entire year. Believe me, you might think you don't need it anymore after a certain time period, but you will.

What if I need more one on one help?

You can schedule a one on one consultation at anytime with the FAFSA Guru and as an Academy member you will receive special discounts.

Do I have to pay separately for each child?

No. The program cost is the price whether you have one or multiple children.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

While this course is non refundable, if you are unhappy for any reason reach out to Tina to discuss options as she would never want anyone to be dissatisfied with any of her programs or services.