Why Search for Scholarships?

There is over $7 billion available in private scholarships and fellowships!

I see so many students leave money on the table by not not applying for outside scholarships. Then those financial aid offers come and they are faced with thousands of dollars in financial aid gap!

Every high school, undergraduate and graduate student should be consistently applying for scholarships throughout the entire year each and every year!

There are literally almost 2 million scholarships out there!

While searching for scholarships can be tedious, if you do it correctly using a specific strategy and know where to look you will find them!

Over $7 Billion Available

There is over $7 billion available in private scholarships and fellowships. The average scholarship is worth $7400.

Does GPA Matter?

30% of private scholarships are awarded to students with a GPA of 3.0-3.4. There are thousands of scholarships out there not based on GPA.

Smaller is Better

Smaller scholarships are easier to win. Focus on ones that are $3000 and less, there won't be as much competition.

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